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 Universal Helmet Light Holder
Pelican™ Universal Helmet Light Holder, #770. Pelican™ Universal Helmet Flashlight Holder 770 is a flashlight accessory that enables a Pelican™ flashlight to be mounted on a helmet. Fits most known helmet designs and functions with 17 different Pelican™ flashlights. Tough polymer construction with brass inserts and stainless steel hardware.

Fits the following Pelican™ lights:
MityLite™ 2300
M1 2310 LED
M6 2320
M6 2330 LED
MityLite™ 2340
MityLite™ 2340NVG
M3 2370 LED
M3 2390 LED
StealthLite™ 2400, 2400NVG, 2400PL Photoluminescent
StealthLite™ 2410 Recoil LED™
MityLite™ 2420
MityLite™ 2430
StealthLite™ Rechargeable 2450
StealthLite™ Rechargeable 2460 Recoil LED™
M1 3310
PM6 3330 LED
M3 3370

Inventory Status
PP0770In Stock


Compatible with

     2320 - M6 2320

     2330 - M6 2330 LED

     2340 - MityLite 2340

     2340NVG - MityLite 2340NVG

     2400 - StealthLite 2400

     2400PL - StealthLite 2400PL

     2400NVG - StealthLite 2400NVG

     2410 - StealthLite 2410 Recoil LED

     2410PL - StealthLite 2410PL Recoil LED

     2430 - MityLite 2430

     2450 - StealthLite 2450

     2460 - StealthLite 2460 Recoil LED

     3320 - PM6 3320

     3330 - PM6 3330 LED

Pelican Universal Helmet Light Holder
Product ID: PP0770
  Price: $13.76
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