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Pelican Products

   Pelican™ M11 8050 Rechargeable Pelican Products
Pelican™ M11 8050 Rechargeable Tactical Light Systems (Fast Charger). The Pelican™ M11 8050 uses a rechargeable 4 C Nicad battery stick and a hi-pressure Xenon lamp to generate powerful, bright pre-focused beam. This flashlight is used often by law enforcement, industrial personal because of its large light output.

Options include fast chargers, direct wiring, 12V adapters, 110V transformers and more. The fast charger fully charges the Nicad battery stick in 2 to 3 hours, the M11 for a full day's work.

You break it, we replace it... forever.™

M9 7050

Pelican™ M11 8050 Rechargeable System Fast Charge Product Combinations

M11 8050
M11 8050
w/110V Transformer

M11 8050
M11 8050
Light Only
w/ Battery